Problem with server side EEC events


I have problem with server side EEC events. I’ve set up UA Tag + Enhanced Eccomerce + Facebook API following the GTM youtube tutorials.

In the web container test mode I see events like begin_checkout or view_item. However, I do not see them in my server container, only pageview.

I have also problem with gtm4wp. events. Both in web container and in the server container I see only gtm4wp.productClickEEC and gtm4wp.addProductToCartEEC, nothing more. I copied the list of gtm4wp. events from the blog.

When I enter the checkout – the web container displays begin_checkout event but none tag is triggered. Server container displays only pageview event for checkout entry on website.

I was watching everything again and checking if I have done some mistake. And I see nothing helpful. Could you please help me?

Screenshot 2021-05-23 at 22.16.25
Screenshot 2021-05-23 at 22.17.13

UA/GA4 tags not fired because looks like you don’t configured triggers for this.
And because tags not fired in GTM Web that’s why you don’t get events on GTM SS.

You need to create a trigger for each custom event that you want to track. And assign it to the tag that needs to be fired on that event.

For example for view_item event:

GTM Web Trigger

GTM Web UA config