Problem with seeing events in debug view on Server Side GTM

Hey, everybody,
I have a problem with not seeing any events in the debug view on the next server. I have set up the FB convversion API and it is working correctly, although I can’t see individual events on the server-side GTM. I would like to set up more conversions and remarketing events. I have checked the whole setup several times and it should be correct. Any idea where the error might be? Thanks a lot

How are you trying to fire up the debug container to see the events? Just launching it via the preview button itself will not get you to see any events. You also need to fire up preview mode on your client side tag as well, and once you do that and the client side tags are firing in preview mode, the server side calls from there will then begin to show up in the server side preview tab.

If you could sell all the events coming over from a live site, it would get a bit noisy :slight_smile:

Of course, I first run the debug view on the client-side, then I run the debug view on the server-side GTM. It’s just odd that the data flows through to Facebook where I can see it. Unfortunately, they don’t show up in my server-side GTM. On the client side, I can run the individual events without any problems.

What do you use to transfer data from the web to the server? GA4? Data tag? Something else?

I would recommend opening the console in a browser and under the network tab to see if your requests are actually going to the server.
Check if the requests are going to your server url accurately, see the status of those requests, etc.

Right check in the console for all network requests with ‘collect’ in them and make sure it’s going to your server side container. Sounds like perhaps the sever_container_url is possibly not set on the events client side and they are going direct and not to the server container?

I am using Data Tag and I tryed to set up. But I tried everything.