Pinterest TAG - data layer situation


I am trying to implement Pinterest TAG (both web and server) and I noticed something weird.

This is the Pinterest TAG (web-side)

Since Pinterest doesn’t have a view_item event, I am sending custom parameters for product_name, product_price with the Page Visit tag.

The trigger is All Pages, so the tag fire on Container Loaded.

At this point (Container Loaded), the is no data in data layer for ecommerce.items, ecommerce.value or contentID, category and so on.

But looking at the fired Tag, data is there!

How is that possible?
I am pretty sure that I am missing smth or I am really blind. :wink:

It looks really strange, I’ve never seen anything like it before. You should check if you have any default values in these variables, or convert undefined to another value.

Another possible reason could be if you are using tag sequencing. This function often doesn’t work correctly and can cause bugs like this.

Thanks, @Alex Alex, for your reply.
Indeed, it was a situation with tag sequencing.
But it took me a while and some tests to find the problem.
Its very very weird, because with tag seq, event_id is really f*cked up.

Tag sequencing often breaks the parameters and sometimes the operation of the tags themselves, so I would recommend doing away with it altogether. It’s better to use an additional trigger on such tags and to set them to trigger priority.

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