Payload structure of Webhook Request Body

Hi there, I haven’t found any information about this so far. What payload structure does the webhook need to have in the request body? Is this something that can be variable?

If so, what are the “minimum required” data points that we should send? Like User Agent, IP Address, Click ID, Timestamp…

Your webhook can contain literally anything.

Both your query parameters from the request URL and a JSON body (if you send one) will be parsed into Event Data by the receiving client (I assume Data Client here) so that you can use those datapoints in your s2s tags.

The structure, format and amount of the data itself are dictated by the destinations you’re sending it to, not requirements of sGTM.

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Do you have a sample payload I can use as a reference? Or at least a list of parameters that are necessary always for each event to be processed correctly.

Would this type of payload be good for a PageView event?

And I guess most of these parameters can be directly extracted from the Request Headers (using the Power-Ups available in Stape)

Also, how would you pass the ad platform click id in the payload? like that (ad_click_id) or different? I have added first the click identifier and then the value of that click identifier (for example, for Google, gclid)