Parameters sent ONLY by GTM Preview, not sent by real visitor

Hello, i desperately need help with my GTM setup. Somehow all the events fired by real visitor of my website is not received by FB. Unlike when in GTM preview, all parameters, user data, custom parameters detected and received by FB (FB Test Events - picture attached).

Also seen in Stape request logs all events don’t have any user information i configured in the web tag except events generated by GTM Preview.

What could be the problem? i checked all the configuration in the Tags both server and web container countless times i’m sure this is not Access token, tagging server url, or pixel issues and made sure both sides are published.

I tried GA4, AdsMurai, Data Tag templates (server and client) and encounter the same situation.

It’s been days trying to workaround this problem, i appreciate any kind of help here.

If you use the Stape tag for Facebook you can enable logging in it to see the statuses of receiving server events in FB in the logs in your Stape account. I think this will help to understand if your events are not getting to FB and if so for what reason (it will be in the error code if the response is not 200).