Pageview event missing some deduplication parameters

Hello there! I have an issue with pageview event from Business manager event.

I think to have setup correctly, but sometimes i receive this kind of alarm from pixel event: “pageview event missing some deduplication parameters”.

I saw all the parameters send from GTM and i don’t understand why i receive this alarm, when i check again there is an Event_ID parameters from GTM CS & SS.

What can i do to resolve this issue?
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hi Diego,

  1. Make sure nothing outside of your GTM reports those page_views. Normally it’s some pesky plugin/integration/legacy code snippet. If this is the case - you can easily see why the error: no server-side counter part for that extra page_view => no deduplication parameter

  2. If you 100% sure no extra reporting is done, then you can basically ignore it. I see this error a lot, and to me (don’t quote me on this, hasn’t been verified) it seems like something of the following sort happens:

  • web event gets blocked (safari, adblocker - you name it)
  • server one is still sent, as intended
  • not having received a web counter-part Pixel throws deduplication parameter error since it can’t match server event to a web-one

Please do share if you have any additional insights on the matter.


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Hi Dan, thanks for your support!
I share some screenshot:

Other image from GTM SS: