Own CDN Doesn't Appear to Extend Cookie Lifetime

I followed all of the instructions in this Stape help article to set up Own CDN.

Everything appears to be working correctly, however, when I look at the cookie lifetime of the FPID cookie in Safari, it still shows that it expires after 7 days (see screenshot).

Am I doing something wrong? Did Apple come out with another update recently that renders the Own CDN method ineffective at extending the cookie lifetime?

Providing an update because I think I discovered the issue. I think in Stape’s Own CDN help article, they make the assumption that if you use Cloudflare as a CDN, you’re going to proxy your main website through Cloudflare, too. However, I can’t do that since my website is hosted through Webflow (I had to select ‘DNS Only’ instead of ‘proxied’ for my main website domain or else it causes problems), which means the main website (www.domain.com) and the server (gtm.domain.com) ultimately resolve to different IP addresses and don’t match like they’re supposed to (see screenshot from cookiestatus.com which explains it).

With all that said: Is there another method that could help me extend the cookie lifetime of server cookies on Safari browsers, or am I pretty much stuck? I saw this Stape article about using a same origin domain (so something like www.domain.com/gtm), and I’m wondering if that would be possible for me considering my current setup.


Cookie Keeper ist your friend:

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Yes, this can only work if you proxy both all site traffic and GTM requests. The same applies to the same origin approach.
In case this is not possible for you, you should use Cookie Keeper as Sebastian wrote above.
Here is an article about setting up Cookie Keeper: Prolong first-party cookie lifetime set by a third-party IP - Stape.

Thanks, @Alex. The only question I have related to using Cookie Keeper is the underlined portion in this screenshot. If I create a master cookie as described, it would need to be set from the server response, correct? But because I use Webflow, I have no ability to add server-side files or programming of any kind. From my understanding, Webflow only offers support for adding client-side JS to website pages.

So if I wanted to deploy a ‘master cookie’, I’d have to deploy it via server GTM, in which case, it would still expire after 7 days on Safari since it resolves to a different IP.

Is that correct, or am I misunderstanding something?