Outgoing http request error: You are calling a deprecated version of the Ads API

I followed the shopify tutorial and everything is working except for one thing which is the most important: sending the server data to facebook. The following error shows up in the ss debug mode at the ‘‘outgoing http requests’’ detail:

{“error”:{“message”:"(#2635) You are calling a deprecated version of the Ads API. Please update to the latest version: v11.0.",“type”:“OAuthException”,“code”:2635,“fbtrace_id”:“ARWREBHwMPkL978k8tm0GHs”}}

Also in the graph.facebook link at the top of the page it says v10.0. I think it has to be v11.0 but how do i change/fix this?

Thanks in advance!

api call error

Nevermind, ive found the piece of code and changed it to v11.0 and now its working

Hey there, I encounter the same error inside the ss debug mode, can you please provide us that piece of code?

Thank you in advance.

We already updated template on GitHub. Just import new version of FB template from GitHub.