Outbrain pixel Tracking

Hey guys,

I would like to implement outbrain tracking with stape.io template gallery.

Is there any guide you recommend to follow?

I set this up

But I can’t see any outgoing request

Many thanks!

There should not be any outgoing requests on PageView, as it is used only for story cookies.

You can follow this guide to implement outbrain conversion tracking.

thank you so much Denis!

how outbrain pixel works when user journey is between two separate domains ?

remember, we’re operating in a first-party cookie world, so your domain B will not be able to read a cookie set on domain A. So to answer you question, it doesn’t really, unless either of the following is done:

a) when user is redirected from domain A to B the initial click-id is again passed in the URL.
b) you have something like Server-side cross-domain tracking using Cookie reStore tag - Stape set up