Opting out of Capi tracking via Stape


A client is asking how their web visitors can opt out of Conversion API tracking via Stape should they wish to.

I thought this would be handled by the web visitor opting out of tracking via the Privacy Policy pop up that appears when you load any page on their site.

Their exact question is as follows:

I think Facebook’s server-side conversion tracking software circumvents the Pixel—instead, it uses REST endpoints. If that’s the case, then users will not be able to opt out. Do the folks at Stape happen to know of a good article about this on Facebook’s developer site, or can they give us more insight about how their product checks for the presence or absence of a client pixel? I have been unable to find one.

Can anyone please help?

You need to pass on consent decision made on the web to the server and trigger/don’t trigger CAPI tags accordingly.