Only set up server container - Events already send


What are those events that are sent as soon as you setup the GTM server container in GTM itself but without updating transport urls, website scripts etc.?

I set up stape for one of my clients but just made the first step of connecting stape with a subdomain and a server GTM container and events are already recorded in stape (about 1% per day of the 10.000 free events).

If you used the custom loader, then those events are:

  • initial container download
  • donwload of analytics.js
  • donwload of gtag.js
  • etc
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I just had a look, I didn’t set the custom loader - just connected subdomain with stape and connected the server GTM (“manual”) hash to stape.

  • There is a web GTM container running on the same tag manager account - but it’s not connected with the server container.
  • Only the default UA and GA4 clients are installed in the server container (they are preinstalled nowadays).
  • The transport URL isn’t connected in the server container settings.
  • The gtm script on the website isn’t changed for the SST transport url.

Hi Olaf, please send me the website URL and I will check.

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