Nothing is showing or fired in server cotainer after all correctly follow the tutorial

Hello Gtm-server,

I’m facing issue that after connecting the debug mode of web container then preview the server container nothing is fired as you can see in screenshot.
Screenshot (101)
Screenshot (102)

This is the issue nothing will appear here below
Screenshot (103)

after i check the network filter the “collect”
Screenshot (105)

Screenshot (107)

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Thanks for your topic. We found an issue in our WP plugin that prevents working the GTM SS debugger correctly in the case when the custom domain was not configured.

We already released an update to our WP plugin. Can you please update it and check again. Thanks.

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I had updated GTM server plugin in WordPress to 1.0.4 ver but still no luck the SS debugger not received any response from Client Side,
Screenshot (114)
Screenshot (115)
Screenshot (116)

i configured to custom domain it will take 72 hr DNS to update.
Screenshot (112)

so tell me what will be the solution for it.

I have tested everything on few sites and checked that other clients don’t have the same problem right now.

Can you please confirm that Transport URL in GTM SS container settings is the same as in UA or GA4 tag?

Transport URL GTM Server Side
Transport URL UA Tag

Also, can you clean all cookies in the browser or try to use other browser? That can be cookie issue.

If you have trouble with setup a Custom domain, please create a new topic for this issue.

This problem is solved by adding custom transparent url otherwise, it were the same as i told you above mentioned.

Very Thankful to you @denis .

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@Pushpendra_Singh hello, I have the same problem as you
Can you please tell me how you resolved it? You mentioned custom transparent URL, but I don’t get it