No purchase event with Stape WooCommerce plugin

Hi, I am using the Stape Server-GTM plugin for WooCommerce. Everything works fine, except for the purchase event. Strange thing is that the event and datalayer is present when I check the Chrome debug-console, but GTM stops working in debug mode when I’m handed over to the payment provider. Therefore, I cannot debug the purchase event within GTM and so I’m not sure which tags fire or not. What could be a solution?

I don’t understand your question, if you’re seeing a dataLayer push for the purchase event - that means the plugin does it’s job.

Of course GTM will drop debug on your payment provider - you don’t have your container on their pages.

Once you land on the thank-you page, GTM will connect again, because there your container IS embedded.

Hi Dan, that’s the problem. GTM does not connect again, so I cannot debug the purchase event.

It happens, it’s basically a GTM preview bug, when you move from another domain in some cases the preview may not continue to work, although if you re-run the preview on the same page it will work. Unfortunately I don’t think anything can be done about it until Google fixes it.