No page_view event in sGTM for Shopify


I have installed the plugin on Shopify and configured everything correctly. With the Google Tag in the Web GTM, I have modified the configuration parameters to have both the send_page_view and server_container_url.

As far as I am aware, GA4 should send a page_view event automatically, but for whatever reason, this event is not picked up in the Server GTM when I preview it in debug mode. I checked the GA4 property, and this is enabled, but it doesn’t get picked up for whatever reason.

If I manually create a page_view event tag on the Web GTM and send it to the Server GTM, it does get picked up, but is there a reason why I need to do that? I have another Server GTM setup for a different client, and the page_view events get sent over automatically, though they are on on WordPress and not Shopify.


— Patrick

I would recommend checking via the browser console in the network tab that all events are sent to the server container. Often it can be for example that you have a second Google Tag on your site (in code or through some integration) and because of this configs conditionally overwrite each other and some events may be sent not to the server container, but directly to analytics (so there will be no server_container_url parameter).

It is also worth looking at the console for errors at the moment when the page view event should be triggered.

Good shout. I filtered the network tab for page_view events and it seems Analytics and Merchant Centre are making direct requests if I am correct (two separate requests). I can only upload one image, so here is the Merchant Centre one:

Now that I think about it, the Shopify website has a Google plugin that has configurations for both GA4 and Merchant Centre, so that has to be it. Though, I am not sure if the Merchant Centre one could be removed (but I think this analytics is different from the actual GA4). The GA4 one would be fine though, because the Gtag is deployed via GTM.