Newbie needs your help

Dear community memers,

I’ve successfully configured GA4 tracking and now find myself stuck with setting up Facebook tracking. I would sincerely appeciate your guidance and expertise in helping me to complete the final steps of my setup. Here is my current configuration.

Server container

I have the data client installed and also the Facebook Conversion API tag, which is set to “inherit from client” and to trigger on all pages.

Question 1: Have I missed anything here?

Web Container

  • I have added my Meta Pixel as a Custom HTML tag
  • I have also installed the unique ID variable template and configured each FB event with an Event Data parameter as follows:

Name: event_id
Value {{ dlv - }}

{{ dlv - }} is assigned to the variable type “Unique Event ID”, which is the template provided by stape that generates a random ID.

Question 2: Have I missed anything here and is this configuration correct?

Now comes the part where I am stuck and really need your help …

The Data Tags in my web container each require a trigger. I have no clue where to find these triggers.

Question 3: Could someone please provide me with a list of all the triggers? A screenshot is attached for your reference.

Thank you once again for taking the time to look at my query and assist me.

Triggers determine when and how tags are fired. They define the conditions that must be met for a particular tag to execute. Setting up triggers ensures that the proper tags are activated at the right time, capturing the desired user interactions. If you have an ecommerce website standard set of events would be: page_view, view_item, add_to_cart, begin_checkout, purchase. Events in the dataLayer can be generated by the plugin (Stape currently has for Shopify, WordPress and Magento) or via custom code. You may learn more how to properly set up Facebook in the following blog post: Facebook Conversion API + Events Deduplication & Hash User Data. I can also recommend the following courses that will explain in more details how everything GTM-related works: Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics Courses - Analytics Mania