Need help to verify the subdomain for the CAPIG hub

I need help to verify the subdomain for the CAPIG hub.
I have successfully added the CNAME record for the CAPIG in my cpanel but it’s not verifying my domain as shown in the image below.

Please, is there anyone that can send me the exact record that is required for verification so I can input it there.

Name: anything (Choose any word or set of letters and use it as your subdomain, but not one that you already use for other records)
DNS proxy should be set to off.

Usually in name you don not need to use ‘www’ and your domain. But it depends on your DNS provider.

done that already has shown in the image above, still couldn’t verify.
I have contacted my host provider but same issue still persists. Please, is there anyway you can help out

It takes up to 72 hours to verify a domain, so this is normal.

it is solved, thank you