Need help - Facebook CAPIG vs Container

Hi all. I am a freelancer and I recently started the process of learning how to set up Conversion API for my Facebook customers. So, I created a Global Stape account, added all my customers as containers and selected to upgrade the containers to a subscription plan. I have added all the code (GTM) and Pixel and each of the containers is generating requests. I have also checked in the Events Manager within Meta/Facebook(within ‘Manage Integrations’) and it says Conversion API is active. I have upgraded my container but do I also need to activate Facebook CAPIG and pay a subscription for that too? Or will the upgraded container suffice?


No, those are two seperate products. Facebook CAPIG is a standalone tool that has nothing to do with GTM containers.

Thanks. So I don’t need to set up Facebook CAPIG in Stape, if I already have containers set up for Conversion API?

@lorna-b that is correct