Multi-domain container setup - anyone been down this path yet?

I would like to setup a $100/month Stape plan with a multi-domain container setup. I have 10 domains totaling less than 250,000 monthly events in Google Analytics.

  1. All 10 domains are lead gen sites, with thank you page endpoints at “/thanks”
  2. All 10 domains need FB CAPI setup
  3. All 10 domains are separate businesses, such as realtor, plumber, electrician, etc.
  4. All 10 domains are on Wordpress using Cloudways hosting on Linux.
  5. All 10 domains have Cloudflare setup to improve caching and speed.
  6. All 10 domains have WP-Rocket setup to improve caching and speed.
  7. All 10 domains are using the Let’s Encrypt SSL from Cloudways

Has anyone been down this path yet?

I am asking the community for help with understanding the various road blocks, caveats, limitations, pros, cons, general issues to be aware of which I may not fully understand yet.


Multi-tenant containers are doable of course, the only potential pitfalls are really on implementation level, meaning how you route requests, how you dynamically supply destinations and how you handle exceptions for specific tenant (if there are any).

The 7 items you’ve listed are in the end irrelevant to this context, so long as you handle your setup correctly.

Care to elaborate on what you mean by dynamically supplying destinations and handling of exceptions Dan?

Dynamically supplying destinations: your 10 customers would report to different Pixel/GA4/etc, right? So that is something you need to handle to ensure no cross-reporting

Handling of exceptions: if any of those 10 (or N) doesn’t fall into general overall logic/flow of the container, you then again need to make sure this is handled correctly in your setup.

This is not necessarily as complicated as it may sound, I’m being abstract because we’re talking about hypotheticals and I’m not familiar with the particular situation. The bottom line here is go ahead and build that, nothing is stopping you from having 10 people in one container, that is entirely possible and makes sense from the cost efficiency standpoint.