Missing Parameter: Content_Type Product Group

Hi, I installed the server side tracking but when testing events I got error

Error: One or more of your ViewContent events is missing the product or product_group parameter. This may cause key features of dynamic ads to not be available.

This issue is for both View Content and Add To Cart.

Could you please let me know how to fix this?

You add content_type variable send from data layer by data tag of the web container, then send to the Facebook by Facebook capi tag at server container

Are there other variables I need to add to make data complete? I thought this tag was already added in github file.

Sir, how can I do that? Could you please explain what do I enter in Data layer variable name? Is this correct I did in Variables -

I also added tag -

I did the same for Server. But where do I enter parameter “product”?

If I understand you correctly and you use Shopify as CMS, you should change “Data Layer Variable Name” from “product” to “content_type”

Hi Denis, yes, that’s correct - Shopify.

I renamed the Data Layer Variable Name and now I don’t receive content_type on Facebook test panel.

What I did on the Web side:

  1. Created Variable “dlv - content_type” and named it “content_type”

  2. Added the variable to Data Tag

On the Server side, I did the following:

  1. Created variable “content_type”

  2. Added the variable to the tag

Server data:

Web data

On the facebook Test Events:

Server is missing content_type and event ID is not matching. :worried:

You put the wrong value in content_type at server side

put key path content_type instead of product_group