Missing gtm tag in debug

I’m going absolutely nuts with the setup. I’ve deleted all the codes, tags, snippets, scripts and did new setup.

Right after I created web/server container, added scripts and snippets. I’m missing page_view gtm tag.

Data tag events not firing as well, only Pageview.

Please help me, it’s going 3rd day and I’m not even close to finishing :disappointed:

I managed to add GA4 tag, but still no view content or add to cart.

So weird why it’s not showing today. Tried both GTM and my own subdomain

Yesterday Shopify updated their platform, and our solution stop working.

We already updated the Web/Server containers and analitycs.js file to support the current Shopify platform.
Please download the new version from GitHub GitHub - gtm-server/capi-shopify: Facebook Conversion API for Shopify

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Awesome! Thank you guys :+1::+1::+1:

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