Missing ga4 events

Hello everyone.
Lately i started missing some events in STAPE logs.
checking preview for both server and web everything is fine, data is flowing to ga4,gads and meta with no problems.

In stape logs i only see meta events now, while i used to see ga4 too.
Concerning ga4 i only see scroll, pageview and click in stape logs.
I enabled Stape log tag for a purchase event, made a test purchase and it appears in stape “other logs”. So my final conclusion, since all data are flowing everywhere BUT in stape logs is that they are encrypted so stape does not recognize them in its logs unless i use stape log tag.

What i’d like to undestand is: why now this happens while up to a few weeks ago i could see them?
I implemented some more parameters in my events, including user data, so this might be the reason?

I’m sure data are fine, getting GADS conversions, getting all data in GA4 real time and debug…it’s just a stape logs issue, and i simply would like to understand the reason.


GA4 requests you can only see in access logs. In case the request is sent by POST method instead of GET - the data will be encrypted and the log itself will be available, but you will not be able to find it by event name.
GA4 automatically determines which method to use GET/POST, you cannot control this in any way.

And just in case:

Access Logs - all incoming requests. Most likely you have GA4 + possibly additional hits from Data Tag for example.

Request Logs and Response Logs are only available for tags developed by Stape and if you have the ‘always log to console’ option enabled.

Other Logs - all other logs, usually via the Logger tag.