Missing 20% purchases in Shopify


I have implemented Converison API on multiple shopify sites and verified all the events and data being recorded correctly in test mode. However, even after implementing the CAPI using stape or even GCP i am not seeing almost 20% of the purchases. This is happening both in Google Analytics 4 as well as Facebook.

let me know if anyone else having same issues or have a solution.


Most likely you have some kind of problem with the setup, because with the correct setup there shouldn’t be such a discrepancy.

Are you using a custom sub-domain and loader for GTM?

Is the discrepancy in quantity only in CAPI or in analytics too?


yes i am using a custom sub-domain.

what you mean by the loader?

i see the discrepancy in analytics too.


It’s hard to find the reasons without the details.

Please provide screenshots of the web and server purchase tag and which trigger is used on the web and server container for this event.
Also a link to the shop concerned would be helpful.

Hello Alex,

I hope you are doing well, as I’m getting the same problem, I created two separate GA4 properties, one sends data directly to GA4 from GTM client-side and the other test GA4 property collected the data from server-side GTM, Please check the document here