Mismatch between Firestore Locations & Stape Locations

I am configuring Firestore following this tutorial: Write data to Firestore from server Google Tag Manager - Stape

However, I see a mismatch between the Firestore Locations and the Stape Locations.

My current Stape Location is US Center (Iowa). However when configuring the Firestore Location, I don’t see that one available:

How should I proceed? Should I choose “Multi-region nam5 (United States)”?

just pick something in US, they will all work

Ok, got it! I am facing another problem:

Error while running Firestore.write: The database (default) does not exist for project stape-424208 Please visit https://console.cloud.google.com/datastore/setup?project=stape-424208 to add a Cloud Datastore or Cloud Firestore database.

I assume this is because the tag configuration expects the database to be named (default) and nothing else. I’ve changed the name of the database during the setup. Ideally, there should be a field to configure the database name as well. I am setting up the Reddit Tag right now, for reference.

And in the tutorial provided, there is no mention to this database naming.

You can use Firestore free quota only on default DB (Gerenciar bancos de dados;  |  Firestore  |  Firebase), hence there’s no option to override the name. Is there any reason you can’t use the default one?

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Ok, got it! Didn’t know about this. I’ve redeployed a new database with the “(default)” name.