META Purchase missing in GA4

i’m trying to undestand something in my ga4 exploration and reports.
I use UTM parameters in META ads.
In my reports and exlpore in GA4 i can see META events with value for add to cart, begin checkout…but missing purchase.
Seems purchase goes to unassigned source, checked my gtm tags comparing add to cart and purchase, no parameters seem to be missing in purchase.
What would you guys advice to check?
Checking reports in META, i can see purchases and are correctly populated with values…

UPDATE: i checked in a 1 year period… it actually tracks something but it’s about 1% than reality

First of all, you should check if some of your events are sent directly to GA instead of the server container. This may be the cause of unassigned traffic. Here we have an article describing this problem, how to check it and solutions: Unassigned and not set traffic source in GA4 - Stape

Hello and thank you for taking time reading and replying to my post.

I have some not set, i’m now double checking the integration …posting a screenshot to have your opinion in the quantity i’m getting…if it’s acceptable or not.

In general, up to 10% not set can be considered normal, although it is usually around 5%. In your case, this screenshot does not show any problems.