Meta offline Conversions

Hey guys,

I would like to implement offline conversions from Meta and I’m following this guide in order to implement offline conversione registered from now on;

But what if we have registered in the last 3 months offline conversions?
we have a .csv with a lots of offline conversions registered thanks to Meta campaings and we would like to implement it without any tool like zapier or make;

is it possible to do it with stape and GTM server container?
how to do it? do you have any guide to share? :slight_smile:

Many thanks

Hello @giovanni_fabbrocino if your objective is to load the .csv then I think this should be handy: Redirecting...

the whole idea behind the guide you referred to is to automate that reporting, but in a circumstance where you have a historics .csv, I think direct upload would be best

Many thanks Dan!

so you recommend to upload hystoric data with the classic procedure provided by Meta;

for the new offline conversions that are coming in the next days, do you recommend to use GTM server implementation following this guide ?

many thanks!

Hey @giovanni_fabbrocino well…it’s your call really) but if your goal is automating, then I’d say yes.

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