Meta Conversion API Gateway Automatic Duplicate Events

Based on my understanding, once FB CAPI Gateway is setup via Stape, we will configure the events such as Page View and Lead via GTM. CAPI will automatically detect them within the browser and send them to Facebook Servers with de-duplication? Or we don’t need browser event setup via GTM, CAPI will take care of it automatically?

Secondly, when I am filling in the form, CAPI is sending Lead events to Facebook Servers automatically without form submission, how can I prevent that. It fires multiple times with different event IDs. How to resolve that?

  1. CAPI Gateway will pick up on events initiated by pixel on site, regardless of how it is implemented. So GTM is not a requirement. You just need a web pixel running and trigger events you expect, CAPIG will pick-up on those.

  2. When you say CAPI does that - can you please elaborate? Perhaps show examples?