Measure succes in Google ads

If I want to test success between exisiting google ads conversion running in the web compare to a new google ads conversion in the server without harming the web google ads conversion I should adjust the settings the same way as this article?
Or as I understood to create dummy ga4 ID to not harm the existing google ads web conversion tag.
Can someone help me understand it?
Thank you

It depends on how your existing web Google Ads conversion tracking is set up.
Server Google Ads tracking works only based on GA4 server-side requests. So if your existing web tracking does not rely on sGA4 then you can just use this article.

Hi Ira, in what scenerio existing web tracking is rely on sGA4?
If my web tracking is regular GAds conversion tag with a trigger based on purchase event/page url then it is considered relying on sGA4?

If you use the GAds tag in web GTM to trigger Google Ads conversion, then it’s ok. There is an option to import conversions from GA4 to GAds, and in this scenario, the split test might not be accurate.