Matomo server-side

I’ve tested the new Advanced Server-Side template for Matomo in Google Tag Manager (GTM). While the tag does fire in GTM preview, it fails and returns a status code of 302.

Can you please share a screenshot of your tag settings?

Do your tracking URL look like this?

I’m using Matomo cloud, so my tracking URL looks like this:

But I’ve also tested with these:

Could it be an issue with Matomo Cloud vs Matomo on-premise?

The correct format is

What status code do you receive in response when you use this URL?

After I updated URL to, the Status code is 400.

Status code 400 means that something incorrect in the data you send.
To debug this, you can enable Debugging mode on your Matomo instance.

The issue was caused by the fact that the user who created the auth_token only had view permissions. The problem was resolved when the user was upgraded to have write permissions.