Low Conversion Events from sGTM container

Hi there,
I’ve implemented the server-side GTM Google Ads tags for custom events. In preview, I’m seeing the tags fire, and successfully send. However, over time, the data is showing the server is sending only 6% of the same custom events that the client side is sending. How can I go about debugging the reason why? Any support I could get would be super helpful. Thank you!


  • Where are you getting the 6% stat?
  • Do you run server-side Conversion Linker?
  • Do you report to same conversion action or different ones?

I’m SO sorry, it had been a couple of days, and I thought it should have been reporting correctly by then, but then mid-day today I looked and the numbers were slightly higher than the client-side version. Which is what I was expecting. Thank you so much for responding so quickly, and I’m sorry I jumped the gun! Patience is the key. Thank you!!

happy to help! and yeah, there’s always latency with Google stuff, so patience IS key :slight_smile: