Log debug - Google Ads and GA4 Conversion

Good morning everyone,

The issue is as follows. I have checked on the Stape log the add_to_carts occurred in a specific day.

Of these, 8 at URL level had the typical parameters of Google Ads campaigns (GCLID in particular).

In Google Ads, having set both the native conversions from SS and those imported from GA4 (always SS), we note that on the same day 8 events were recorded by GA4, while GAds only 4.

Since the event pushed by GA4 client is the same, we cannot understand why Gads conversion underestimates the number of actual events, when in fact it should be the other way around (which also occurs in the other e-commerce events tracked as conversion, not just add_to_cart).

What other factors could be involved (if not a setting issue as it seems) in this mismatch: could it be due to the Consent Mode? Or to Gads’ particular handling of Cookies different from GA4 after the advent of key events last month? From the logs we cannot verify what is being transmitted to GA4 and Gads: is there any way?