Little to no response logs

I am trying to troubleshoot my setup.

My Google ads are running as a ROAS campaign so they depend on data in order to properly optimize. My ad spend has been dropping over the last 10 days which is odd since we are in our busy season. This has caused me to start investigating and troubleshooting.

Across all my ad accounts I see event data that looks like this image.

So about the 12 of June data stopped getting sent to Google, Facebook and Pinterest.

Since I only have access to 10 days of logs I cannot see how it was performing prior to the 12th.

Maybe I am reading this wrong but something seems off when it comes to the logs if you compare the Access logs to the request logs for the view content they are not being sent to the intended platforms. (this is happening across all my events. as well as Google ads but I cannot see those logs in Stape. I know do to having sales tracked through Wicked Reports for Google ads but not attributing in Google Ads itself)

Access Log

Request Log

What has me confused is when I test everything out via the preview function of GTM I get all the proper responses saying it was sent to and received by the platform.


Access logs are written automatically and always.
All other logs need to be configured manually.

That’s a technical limitation as we do not have access to our customer’s sGTM directly.
And we do not control to wich servers you send data.

More info on how to configure and use logs can be found in this article Troubleshooting server-side tagging using server GTM logs - Stape