Klavyio ss tag help

Hi, I hope someone can help me, because I cant seem to figure this out…

I dont understand what to put in “Klaviyo user id” I know this what this user ID is, but how do I get it to be dynamic? I hope my question makes sense.

you don’t need to explicitly handle it unless you need to :slight_smile:

most cases that id will be picked up from a cookie that will be set by your web Klaviyo script and/or Active on Site event triggered om sgtm. The source of that is klaviyo id/email from the URL.

So i can just leave it blank?

@jeppe_Nielsen yes, you can

@Dan Thank you. Can i ask you, how I make the email variable?

Hi, @Dan,

I am only using Active On Site server Tag, an have paused the on site web script for Klaviyo, but the server tag doesn’t generate the _kla cookie, which is used for klaviyo identification.

When I unpaused the web script, of course the _kla cookie was placed.

Based on your reply, the server Active On Site tag should place the cookie, am I correct?

@Gasper_Cerar yeah, it wil set _stape_klaviyo_kx cookie off of _kx query parameter, essentially doing the same thing _kla would do, but under different name

Hi, Dan,

I don’t think it’s the same thing - the kx cookie is set for email to website tracking, and the _kla cookie is set when a user comes to the website regardless the source.

But I have tested the event tag and when an event is sent, the _kla cookie is then place, so it’s all good.