Klaviyo parameters

Hey guys,

I’m completing server side implementation from Sgtm to Klaviyo for a couple of events: Active on Site, Added to Cart and Started Checkout;
in few day I would like to push it live;

Generally, on Klaviyo we have a lot of parameters on Added to Cart and Started Checkout events;
here’s an example, it belongs to our klaviyo’s live account

quick question: in the implementation with sGTM, why don’t I see the parameters highlighted above in red?
also, can you help me out to understand if those 2 parameters are mandatory?

many thanks.

Hello @giovanni_fabbrocino

  1. You can add any parameter you like to the payload

  2. $is_session_activity: true is sent by default with ActiveOnSite event

  3. As far as I remember _ip is not being sent, IP address is part of the headers in request to Klaviyo

You can always refer to Klaviyo documentation to figure our if any paramater is mandatory