JS Libraries and Other types of requests to GTM Server Container

Hi guys! I’ve been monitoring my server container requests for a while and noticed that many of them come from sources like JS libraries and Others. I’m talking about 60-70% of the total requests, the other 30% are GTM and GA4 requests. I’m not sure if this is normal or if I should limit the requests coming from specific sources. If you believe that I should limit the requests, could you please explain me how? Thanks!

Hello Juan,

Well, 60-70% sounds too high but then again, that depends on whatever you got going in that container. Could you share the URL of the website in question?

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Sure! Here you have the links:


I have more, but those are the most evident cases.

Were you able to find anything? :thinking:

Hey Juan,

Yeah, there’s bug a on our side where GA4 requests are calculated as ‘Other’, this is raised to our dev team and will be fixed.

Otherwise everything looks OK in your container, in terms of requests percentages that is.