Is my setup looks good?


I set up everything and it fires on facebook Test Events tab.

Do I need GA4 or UA tags to fire as well?

The issue is that I have almost no data in Ads Manager and few errors:

And Google Analytics only reporting half the revenue.

What could be the issue? :thinking:

If you want to set up ss tracking for GA4 and UA, then yes, you need to set up GA4 and UA. However, if you want to set up only Facebook CAPI and use Data Tag/Data Client to send data from web to server, you don’t need server UA or GA4.

Regarding User Data Parameters - you do not have any personal user data (like email, first name, last name, etc.) if a user is not logged in to your site. So no personal user data can be sent to FB

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Thank you for replying!

What are the benefits of setting up with GA4/UA compare to Data Tag/Data Client. Is the reporting better with one another?

We recommend using Data Tag/Data Client to set up FB CAPI as it is the easiest option to sent user data from web to server.

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