Is Data Tag/Data Client still necessary


We just switched to SST and have a couple of questions:

  1. Is Data Tag/Data Client configuration still necessary, if I have set up UA and planning on migrating to GA4?

  2. Can Data Tag/Data Client run parallel with UA/GA4?

  3. Is activating the Client “Google Tag Manager Web Container” beneficial in GTM Server Container? (didn’t find this in your setup guide - which seems a bit outdated)


  1. Not sure I understand the question here, we urge you to use Data Tag/Client as means of web-to-server transfer for non-Google platforms. If you know what you’re doing you can also run (at least partially) UA/GA4 through it.

  2. Yes, of course it can. There’s nothing preventing you from running UA, GA4, Data and other clients should you need it

  3. That is not necessary if you host on Stape, serving web container from your subdomain is built into Stape platform

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Thank you, yes we are hosting on Stape regard 3) Is there any drawback if we implemented the client in our server gtm container as well?

I am hi-jacking this thread for another question: our SST works surprinsingly well out of the box with all events already fired even though I may missed a step in the configuration: the transport URL in our UA variable (web container). I activated it now (two days later) - what is the benefit of setting the transport URL? Are now Events sent to our server container and then to GA instead of directly to GA?

Olaf, if you use the Client in container for this, your files will be served by sGTM instance, which is not particularly optimised for serving files. With Stape’s native option, files are served by a dedicated server, so there are differences in speed.

If you haven’t set the transport URL before then your UA was just firing from the web as if there was no server container at all. Setting up transport URL directs analytics hits to your server container instead of directly to GA, that in essence is the whole idea behind server-side tracking,

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Thank you, I begin to understand… :wink: