Hubspot via Server GTM

Hi, I am trying to run Hubspot via Server Side.

I have tried to follow these instructions respectively these instructions.

  1. i try to use Data Tag to send required data to the server container. On step 3 at the Data Tag instruction i have to create a tag. But I don’t quite understand the standard events. A “Generate Lead” can happen through a “subscribe” for example. Is there a list of which standard event does what exactly? And if I want to track multiple events, does that mean I have to create multiple data tag tags, correct? Also I don’t know how to define the triggers then.

  2. on step 4 at the hubspot instruction i have to create a tag. So if I want to track “Track Page View” and “Create or Update a Contact”, I need to create 2 seperate tags for that. Is that correct? I don’t understand how I have to create and pass the variables (first name, last name, company, et cetera) for the respective tags.
    Also I don’t know how to define the triggers then.
    Track Page View = Trigger “all pages”?
    Create or Update a Contact = Trigger “form submission” + Trigger “clicks on CTA”?


  1. You can always just pick a custom event and type whichever name you want to use. Keep in mind the event name you are choosing only determines what event_name will show up when server container receives that hit.

1.1. Yes, if you want to send multiple/different events you will need to create that many tags with corresponding names and payloads.

1.2 I can’t be of assistance on how to define the triggers, I mean…that depends entirely on what you’re doing, where and why :slight_smile:

  1. Yes, tag can do one operation depending on what you select, so if you want both you need to have two tags (same as above with DT)

2.1. You grab variables from Event Data with ‘Event Data’ variable type, that information ends up in Event Data IF you send it from the web with the Data Tag (in your case)

2.2. Triggers would be whichever corresponding event names you’re sending from the web