HubSpot Page View Tracking not working

Hi there! I see that HubSpot Page View tracking was added within the last year or so and I am trying to implement it, but it’s not well documented yet by Stape from what I could find. I can’t seem to get it to work (no activity showing up in HubSpot). Some notes:

  1. The contact existed already in HubSpot as they were created via form submission (so no need to create a new contact)
  2. I am not running the client-side HubSpot JavaScript tracking code and only firing a HubSpot Page View from Server container
  3. When I run debug, it looks to be correct. Please see image:

  1. You can see email address is there and I’m firing this on GA4 page_view.
  2. I also double checked our account ID.

What am I missing? Thanks! Do I need to allow some domain in my HubSpot account settings? If so, that seems odd as the response is a 200 from HubSpot as you can see in screenshot.

Thanks in advance!

Can you check the response body (click on the outgoing request as on your screenshot)? Because many platforms may return 200 but write an error in the body.

Thanks, response body is “Body omitted because it contains binary data”

Not sure if it matters, but when I compare the url arguments from the JavaScript pixel and the server-side implementation there are a number missing and different. I assume some of that is to be expected to a degree but not sure if it’s worth exploring that.

Hi Alex, wondering if you had a chance to look at this one?

Hey @whmkt

I don’t see you having any problems. The hit you send is received by Hubspot normally. Please note that page view is not linked to email that you have in your input, it doesn’t actually send out with a hit:

If you want to send events linked to a profile - use the Track Custom Event request type

Oh, that explains my confusion. I was trying to associate the page view with a contact. Thanks. In order to use the Track Custom Event requests you do need enterprise account it appears to use the analytics.behavioral_events scope which we do not have so maybe this is not possible what I’d like to do.