How to view ecommerce data from woocommerce with _stape suffix?

Hi, I’m new to server side tagging however I followed the provided guides and got stape working correctly. I am getting events from woocommerce into GA4, however they are tagged as add_to_cart_stape, and others with the _stape suffix. When I look into the ecommerce views purchase journey, it doesn’t show any add to carts. Any idea how to fix this? Do I have to tell GA4 to look for this _stape suffix on ecommerce events? Thanks for your help!


  1. _stape suffix can be turned off in ‘Data Layer’ tab of the plugin

  2. you’re not supposed to send those events to ga4 with the suffix, GA4 wouldn’t digest them as native ecomm events, so you can overried the event name in your tags OR see item 1 above.

I will give it a try thank you!