How to get Twitter Ads API Access to set up Twitter CAPI

‘‘To set up Twitter Conversion API, Twitter Developer A/C & Twitter Ads API Access is a must.’’ Under Developer A/C I’ve created Project & App in Developer Portal. Now I need Twitter Ads API Access. When I click on ‘Twitter Ads API’ to make a request for getting access, Twitter recommend me to contact a ‘Twitter Representative’. I’ve tried my best to contact a representative. Still, I’m not able to do it. Is here anyone who have already set up ‘Twitter Conversion API’ or faced the same issue. Please help me. :pray::pray::pray:

Twitter Guidelines:

  1. Conversion API Set Up | Docs | Twitter Developer Platform
  2. Getting Started | Docs | Twitter Developer Platform

hi Raju, did you look into this Twitter conversion API tag for sGTM - Stape ?

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Hello Dan, Yes! I did. But the problem is to get Twitter Ads API Access. I can do the total process accept Ads API Access. Please help me. Brother…:pray::pray::pray: