How do i use consent with webhooks?

Hi, I have a webhook from CMS to SGTM then to Meta. But how do i stay compliant with consent using webhooks? Normally for my other tags i use xgcs (or what is called) starts with G11, but this isnt avaible in the event data with webhooks. any ideas?

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I was also wondering about the same thing. I’m considering sending this data to the hook by storing and using a cookie that indicates whether I have consent to send this data. However, I’m happy to hear if anyone has a better and more straightforward solution.

You need to add some data to the webhook about the consent status of the user who made the purchase. In some CMS it is done by adding this as additional custom data to the order data, in others it may be available natively, in some it may be easier to get the data from a cookie that stores the consent status.
First of all you need to find out what options you have for adding this data to the webhook, then everything is simple - you just need to check if the consent was an additional parameter of the trigger.