How do I pass custom parameters to the server side with GA4?


What I’m trying to build is a custom conversion that gets triggered every time the user clicks a link on a page. So if the link text says “Podcast on Spotify”, I want that as a custom event parameter I can access from within custom conversions.

I’m able to reference the link text in the web container, and send an event to facebook on the browser level. But when I when I send the GA4 tag to the server side, it makes it to the GA4 server tag, but doesn’t make it to the FB server tag. How do I reference custom data from the GA4 server tag within the FB server tag?

You create an ‘Event Data’ variable type referencing the key of the parameter you’re looking for, then manually add it to custom data in FB tag

Ok I found the Event Data variable type, but I don’t know how to properly reference the key. Can you explain how, or maybe give me an example?

the key would be whatever variable you’re passing to your GA4, see example below the key to put into event data variable in this example would be ‘key’

That’s what I needed!! I’m up and running now. Thank you for your patience and extra explanation.

There is no way I would have been able to figure this out without your help :slight_smile:

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