How do I link the GTM-server IP to subdomain on shopify?


I followed the subdomain guide but I don’t know how to connect the DNS A-record for my subdomain to the IP adress of the GTM-server (it won’t verify). I have tried to fill it in like the picture, but after 3 days I messaged the help messenger and I got the answer that the GTM-server cannot pick it up because the shopify IP for the main domain is in the way. I have no clue how to fill it in otherwise so hopefully somebody here can help me.

Main domain (, shows up as in DNS) is connected to shopify IP and can’t change that or my store will be gone.
Subdomain (, shows up as in DNS CNAME record) A record is pointing to GTM-server IP but it’s not being picked up

IP ADRESS not being picked up GTM server

If subdomain used.
Just create new one that points only to and don’t add any other records for this sub domain.

For example use:

In case if CNAME record will be created automatically just delete it and leave only A record.

If you will still have difficulties with this you can ask Shopify for help create this record for you or move domain management to Cloudflare.

Hello Denis,

Thankyou for your answer! I didn’t notice that I could remove the CNAME record without deleting the subdomain. I followed the steps, made an A-record (ss to the IP adress) and deleted the CNAME file. I will wait the 72 hours and hopefully it will verify.

I also contacted shopify and they told me to create a CNAME file for the subdomain but I have to use a domain from the gtm server (ss.gtmserver*.com)? Not sure if this is right though

I see that your domain configured correctly. That’s great that you found a solution.

Yes it says that it is ready on my gtm-server account but i noticed the is not working anymore or just not redirecting to my main landing page without the cname record for it (on my shopify domain page it says now that it is not connected anymore and ‘‘configuring’’). Is this a problem when setting up the server container?

Yes, there should be a white page when you open GTM SS domain.

To be sure that everything ok you can check that your container is available on your custom subdomain:

So your GTM Server Side container and custom subdomain configured correctly.

I don’t think it is working sadly :/. I’ve set up everything correct but their is still a problem with my subdomain i think. When i go into debug mode in the server side container, no tags are being fired and my site is not showing up. When i use your link above i only get a bunch of code and when i go to i get a http error 400 :(. Kinda feel like giving up, the process of setting this up is insanely annoying