"How Can We Explain This Increase in Events?"

Hello everyone.

As you can see in the picture I attached, I have a +15% increase in purchase events with server-side tracking.

I also have a +30% increase in view_item events.

Can you please explain to me exactly why?
On the screen, we can see that at a certain hour, we had 64 purchases from the server and 54 from the client tag.

But how exactly does server-side tracking allow us to collect more events? I’ve seen some topics about ad blockers, etc., but I need an explanation.

Thank you.


when a web event gets blocked, your server one still passes through, that is exactly why you have more on the teal graph then on the blue one, and that is a good indicator

Here is also some helpful articles:

Thank you Dan for the answer.

But more precisely, it’s not blocked because on the Network Tab, the collect start by our custom domainname instead of “region1.google.analytics” ?


I think in this article you will find all the answers on this topic: How to prevent your GA data from being blocked by ad blockers - Stape