GTM4WP VisitorEmail address attribute can be used as user_data for FB CAPI?

Hi all,
I am using GTM4WP to get some data in my dataLayer.
Among others, I can get the Logged in visitors email address.

My question is:
Is it right to use this attribute as user_data to pass to FB to improve the matching score when using FB CAPI?
Would you recommend another way? Or the only way to get the visitors email is when they are logged in?

I am asking this because only few visitors are logged in, therefore I will not get this attribute very often and I will keep my matching score low most of the time.

Also another question.
Regardless of how you acquire visitors email, does not go against the GTM use policy to pass the visitor email address to Facebook?


Hi @Francesco_C, you can definitely use the email of logged-in users to increase the match score for Facebook server events. You will see the % of events receiving customer information (similar to what you see on the screenshot).
Screenshot 2021-05-19 at 21.31.21

You can get user emails, for example, using a newsletter subscription form and collect it in the local storage. Then add user emails to other events.

Regarding the policy, it’s a tricky question, and I can’t give you an exact answer. Facebook has this official documentation about setting up FB CAPI. It says advertisers should use Google Tag Manager and pass user parameters

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