GTM SS on AMP pages - yes or no?

Is there any opportunity to track AMP Pages with AMP?

Hi Alex,

  1. Checkout this, GA4 now officialy works with SS on AMP pages
  1. You could also build things with Custom Image tag, sending stuff in the URL and picking it up with Data Client server-side.

Bottom line, yes, it’s possible but to a degree and it’s not as straight as with normal GTM containers.
Oh, and don’t expect to see anything in AMP container preview, that doesn’t seem to work at all, so you can validate things only by looking at server debug.

Please do share your experiences with the community should attempt, we would highly appreciate that.

Kind regards,


Thank you Dan!
The next challenge for me is to solve AMP-to-site linking (with the same server side on both). What do you think about? do i need to pass FPLC in the click URL intentionally?

I think you don’t have to, since it’s a native GA4 tag - it’s probably in the payload already, but I honestly haven’t spent enough time on AMP. Maybe someday :slight_smile: