GTM server side debug mode issue

please tell me what I can do wrong - after confirming the gtm dot fewskills dot com domain, I open the preview window, open the fewskills dot com site, but I see an empty window in debug mode

when I go to gtm dot fewskills dot com with GA parameters, I see hits in the preview window of the server gtm!

i use dot word because of im a new user and i can not post links

hi Alex, would you mind rephrasing that a little bit?

  • which container are you launching, from the context I believe it’s the web one?
  • in parallel you do see server-side debug, correct?

look, im launching the server side one and in parallel i look at my web site at another tab

can you like maybe share a video or something? there’s so many possible reasons there.

alternatively, share your containers to - I’ll take a peek.

thank you

maybe that is because i use wordpress cms?

Hi Dan,

I have same proble in debug mode into Serve Container, I shared with you, at your email, my GTM Server Container.

Into Web Container I have no issue. I shared with you too.

Thank you for support,

Hi, sorry for delay with this. Two things:

  1. Check access logs on GCP, do those events even reach the server?
  2. Check/show me network tab of your browser on the page you load through preview


hey Alex, please share containers to - need just the write access to launch previews, will not mess around with anything, just diagnose whats’ going on much faster then this back&forth.


Thank you Dan
shared for

sorry for that gutter voice, I am down with cold :slight_smile:

i dont know what is going on (

maybe some extensions could conflict it? i switched of all of them but i can also delete it

try fresh chrome profile and/or incognito mode/another browser. might be some weird cash stuff