GTM server - preview not working. GTM web - tags not fired: "data tag lead" and "fb lead"

I haven’t been able to get the server container’s preview mode to display tracking. It works with the “Example curl command”, so I know it is running.

I have been following both of these Stape blog articles: How to set up Google Tag Manager Server Container - Stape and Facebook Conversion API for Unbounce - Stape and have made sure that the Preview header is correct and that the server container is published (as suggested in the CAPI for unbounce article).

Stape’s support isn’t helpful in this respect and keeps directing me to their agency service.

Has anyone come across this issue before and how did you resolve?

Hi there,

  1. Please kindly check the URL in server preview, is it the same as transfer URL you use on the web?

  2. Make sure there is no preview header set in Stape admin panel

  3. Check network tab on the previewed site to see if there are outgoing requests and where they are addressed to