GTM Server Plugin For Wordpress Not Working


I’ve set up everything for server-side tracking inside GTM, but the WP plugin isn’t working correctly.

  1. It doesn’t allow the option to edit the existing tag. I can move this over so injects the code, but I don’t want to do this without knowing it’s working.

  2. The plugin’s data layer and Webhooks options aren’t active. So, I can’t access them to double-check these settings.

  3. Can I see the GTM tag using the tag assistant legacy extension for Chrome? Or only in the website code?

Hi there,

  1. Could you please rephrase this, I’m not sure I understand the issue. If you mean replacing the existing loader - that feature only works if your existing one is embedded by GTM4WP plugin.

  2. dataLayer and webhooks are available only for WooCommerce stores, are you on one?

  3. Open the website, open developer tools in the browser, filter netwrok tab by ‘gtm’, refresh the page and you will see if GTM is successfully loaded.

Hope this helps.

So if webhooks are not active how to send it to the severe container ??

Again, that functionality is only available for WooCommerce stores. There are no webhooks otherwise

Can the GTM for WP plugin (the other plugin which is more robust) can it be used instead of the simple one GTM Server Plugin?