Gtm server does not set cookies

Hi all. I’m sorry, maybe I’m wrong, but it seems to me that gtm server doesn’t set cookies or extend them, at least for me.
I use data-tag, data-client and facebook tag ( I also use my own subdomain for gtm server.
When I add fbclid to the link, the server container does not set _fbc. But the event is triggered and there are no errors.
In this case I don’t use web pixel, I only use data-tag on gtm web.

For page_view events, use the GET method of request in Data Tag. This will fix an issue in your case.

@Denis , thank you.
Yes, if I put GET, it works.
Please tell me, does it mean that cookies are prolonged only when sending events by GET method ? Or is this a problem on my end ?
I just set all my clients to POST and now I think I need to change to GET method.

It very much depends on the setup. The default recommendation is to use GET for page_view and POST for all other events.

@Denis, thank you again for your help and explanation